Our interest and support of missions and outreach to others goes back to the early history of our church when one of our own members, Eva Beatrice Knight (1902-1936) chose to become a missionary. She attended the Dudley Bible School (now known as the Providence Bible Institute) to receive training. On November 2, 1929, she sailed from Vancouver to Shanghai, China. Miss Knight spent much of her time in the Province of Anhwei and was then called to Shanghai to do clerical work. She contracted pneumonia while there and passed away.

Local Outreach Support

We support local outreach programs to the poor and needy:

  • The Parish Cupboard in West Springfield
  • The Springfield Rescue Mission
  • Westside Helping Hands
  • Monthly Diaconate Fund offering to provide emergency assistance to those in our community that need it

Missionaries and Programs in the U.S.

Missionaries and Programs Around the World